Food Producers of Idaho Endorse Scott Bedke to be Idaho’s Next Lieutenant Governor

May 4, 2022

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May 4, 2022

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Food Producers of Idaho Endorse Scott Bedke to be Idaho’s Next Lieutenant Governor

Boise, IDAHO – The Food Producers of Idaho are endorsing Scott Bedke to become Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor. Rick Waitley, Executive Director for Food Producers of Idaho, says Bedke’s roots as a fourth generation Idaho rancher, accompanied with his conservative track record as Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives, are what led to the endorsement. 

“Speaker Bedke represents what Idaho is about. While Idaho has experienced a great deal of growth, the majority of Idaho is still a rural, agriculture environment. Scott appreciates his rural roots and from those beginnings has learned what it takes to be a steady, determined leader. Leadership is not new to Scott Bedke,” said Waitley. “He has demonstrated his integrity as a leader long before he entered the halls of the Idaho Capitol. Bedke’s ability to pull people together to discuss tough issues and find common ground is unique and has proven great results in some issues facing Idaho in recent years. Idaho needs a Lt. Governor that can be a steady hand of leadership in support of the Governor, the Idaho Senate and for the state of Idaho. I believe Scott Bedke possess these characteristics.”

Bedke is a leading advocate for Idaho’s powerful agricultural industry. Under his conservative leadership, Bedke took charge in making Idaho the least regulated state in the nation, while protecting Idaho’s land and water rights from the federal government.  

“Idaho is leading the nation in economic growth thanks to our hardworking agriculture industry,” said Bedke. “I have made it my commitment to represent the voice of rural Idaho in Boise, and I appreciate this endorsement from the Food Producers of Idaho. I will continue to build on my conservative track record as Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor.”

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