Idaho’s Conservative Leaders Endorse Scott Bedke to Be Idaho’s 

May 3, 2022

For Immediate Release

May 3, 2022

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Idaho’s Conservative Leaders Endorse Scott Bedke to Be Idaho’s 

Next Lieutenant Governor

Boise, IDAHO – A strong coalition of conservatives from the Idaho State Senate and House of Representatives are backing Scott Bedke to be Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor. This group of highly regarded men and women share the same bedrock conservative values as Speaker Bedke and having worked with him, they know he is the most qualified candidate to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. Under his leadership of the most conservative legislative body in the United States, Bedke has led the charge to make Idaho the best place to live, to work, and to raise a family. 

“I am grateful for the support from so many proven Idaho conservatives. Their commitment to their communities and our state should be not only admired, but celebrated,” said Bedke. “As Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor, I will continue working with them to ensure we put our shared conservative values into policy.”


Sen. Jim Woodward, District 1

Sen. Peter Riggs, District 3

Rep. Caroline Troy, District 5

(Sub.) Sen. Robert Blair, District 6

Rep. Lori McCann, District 6

Sen. Carl Crabtree, District 7

Sen. Steven Thayn, District 8

Sen. Abby Lee, District 9

Rep. Ryan Kerby, District 9

Sen. Jim Rice, District 10

Rep. Julie Yamamoto, District 10

Rep. Greg Chaney, District 10

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, District 11

Rep. Scott Syme, District 11

Sen. Todd Lakey, District 12

Rep. Rick Youngblood, District 12

Sen. Jeff Agenbroad, District 13

Sen. C. Scott Grow, District 14

Rep. Mike Moyle, District 14

Sen. Fred Martin, District 15

Sen. Chuck Winder, District 20

Rep. Joe Palmer, District 20

Rep. James Holtzclaw, District 20

Rep. Steven Harris, District 21

Rep. John Vander Woude, District 22

Rep. Jason Monks, District 22

Rep. Matthew Bundy, District 23

Rep. Megan Blanksma, District 23

Sen. Lee Heider, District 24

Rep. Lance Clow, District 24

Rep. Linda Wright Hartgen, District 24

Sen. Jim Patrick, District 25

Rep. Laurie Lickley, District 25

Rep. Clark Kauffman, District 25

Sen. Kelly Anthon, District 27

Rep. Fred Wood, District 27

Rep. Randy Armstrong, District 28

Rep. Dustin Manwaring, District 29

Sen. Kevin Cook, District 30

Rep. Gary Marshall, District 30

Rep. Wendy Horman, District 30

Sen. Steve Bair, District 31

(Sub.) Sen. Julie VanOrden, District 31

Rep. David Cannon, District 31

Sen. Mark Harris, District 32

Rep. Marc Gibbs, District 32

Sen. Dave Lent, District 33

Rep. Marco Erickson, District 33

Sen. Doug Ricks, District 34

Rep. Jon Weber, District 34

Sen. Van Burtenshaw, District 35

Rep. Rod Furniss, District 35


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