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April 1, 2022
As a cattle rancher and Speaker of the Idaho House, Scott Bedke has a proven record of defending Idaho values. Bedke is A plus rated by the NRA and has a 100% pro-life voting record with Idaho Chooses Life.
Scott Bedke led the fight in the Idaho House of Representatives to stop Joe Biden’s Department of Education from pushing liberal ideologies like critical race theory in Idaho schools. Bedke strongly opposes the Biden Justice Department labeling parents who speak out at schoolboard meetings as “domestic terrorists.”
Scott Bedke is endorsed by the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police and stands strongly with law enforcement. Bedke opposes all efforts to defund the police that are being pushed by Black Lives Matter socialists.
Scott Bedke believes fixing our southern border and stopping the flood of illegal immigrants is essential to keeping Idaho kids and families safe. As Lieutenant Governor, he will work with law enforcement to clean up Joe Biden’s border mess by enforcing immigration laws and stopping the flow of drugs and gangs into Idaho.
As Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives, Scott Bedke led the effort to balance the budget and create a record surplus in Idaho.  Bedke also passed the single largest tax cut in state history, making sure the surplus was returned to Idaho taxpayers. Most politicians just talk.  Bedke actually gets results for Idaho.
As Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke slashed needless government regulations by 95% and Idaho is now the least regulated state in America. 

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