The race for Idaho lieutenant governor: Rep. Scott Bedke

September 26, 2022 (LINK)

BOISE, Idaho — In six weeks, on Tuesday, November 8, voters Idaho will head to the polls in the general election to decide on who they want to represent them in key federal and state offices.

The next two Viewpoints are focusing on one of the big races here in Idaho; the race for lieutenant governor between longtime Speaker of the House, Republican Representative Scott Bedke of Oakley, and Democrat Terri Pickens Manweiler of Boise.

Pickens Manweiler will be the guest on Viewpoint Sunday, October 2. She is an attorney who says she is running because she believes it’s time for change in Idaho. We’ll hear why she believes that’s the case, plus her priorities and stances on the big issues affecting the people of Idaho, and her view on the role of the lieutenant governor.

Speaker Bedke is up first on this edition of Viewpoint. He describes himself as a pro-life, pro-gun, and limited government constitutional conservative. Bedke has served in the Idaho House of Representatives since 2000 and as speaker since 2012. He is the longest serving speaker in Idaho history. His family’s roots in Idaho date back to the 1870s when his great grandfather homesteaded in Oakley. Bedke is a cattle rancher, a husband, a father of four and a grandfather of 14.

In this excerpt he explains why he is giving up the powerful position of speaker to run for the part-time position of lieutenant governor.

Rep. Bedke: I am well prepared to go into the executive branch where we execute, where we get things done. You’re not so much passing the laws, but you’re executing that. And I think my experience as a problem solver will be well suited for the executive branch.

Doug Petcash: How do you view the role of the lieutenant governor?

Rep. Scott Bedke: I view it as I bring the same attitude and same perspective as I bring to the speakership. There’s nothing special about a state legislator other than we’re in a position to help. We’re in a position to solve problems. I have a proven track record of being able to mediate complicated issues and bring people together and I think that’s what the office of the lieutenant governor needs to be.

Speaker Bedke also discusses his priorities and his stances on Idaho’s strict new anti-abortion law and the 410-million dollars in public education funding the legislature approved in the recent special session.

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