Coalition of Idaho Water Users Endorse Scott Bedke for Lieutenant Governor

May 14, 2022


MAY 14, 2022                                                                                                         


(208) 420-3324


Water is truly the life blood of Idaho! It has transformed the dry, dusty, sagebrush covered plains our forefathers knew into a paradise of vibrant green crops, thriving cities, healthy industries, and abundant recreation opportunities. Wise management, protection, and enhancement of our water resources has made Idaho great! 

We need leaders with vision and experience to protect and enhance our water supplies to keep our state thriving. 

Scott Bedke is that leader! He is running for Lieutenant Governor and here are the reasons Idaho Water Users support Scott:

– He is a fourth generation Idaho rancher and farmer and has worked a lifetime on the land.

– He is Idaho’s longest serving Speaker of the House – earning the trust and respect of his constituents and colleagues.

– He is the acknowledged leader of every major water bill enacted in Idaho.

– He leads the fight to protect our water rights.

– He has worked tirelessly and effectively with all water users to solve difficult conflicts. 

– He knows the importance of protecting water quality, in both aquifers and surface streams.

– He has been a successful champion of legislation and funding for water infrastructure, aquifer recharge, and cloud seeding.

– He knows, firsthand, the threat from downstream interests to grab Idaho’s water, and he leads the frontline battle to keep our water in Idaho.

Scott has always been there for Idaho Water Users. 

After 15 years of water delivery calls and curtailment threats, Scott was a key player in crafting the monumental agreement signed by both ground water and surface water users whose livelihoods rely on the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Each time opposing groups reached an impasse and walked away from negotiations, Scott Bedke found common ground and brought them back to the table. 

Scott Bedke has the vision, the innovative ideas, the experience, and the proven record of protecting our most valuable resource. Scott is the “GO TO” guy and the “GET IT DONE” guy for all Idaho Water Users.

Please get out and vote for Scott Bedke for Idaho’s next Lieutenant Governor!


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